The TOTO brand have made some excellent strides forward in the bathroom industry. From Washlets to advanced flushing mechanisms, their innovations have given them a solid reputation among consumers and plumbing professionals alike.

Their toilets are what we shall be focusing on today. As you may of seen in our buying guide, there are plenty of areas that can trap a consumer and cause you to make mistakes. It’s our aim to stop this from happening, by being as detailed as possible, digging deep into the spec list so you know exactly what you’re purchasing. So read on, and make sure you’re equipped with the right knowledge before you go on a spending spree.

Hidden trapway – pros and cons

You’ll no doubt come across several different styles in your research. One of the most popular of which is skirted, aka hidden trapways. There are some arguments for an against this design feature which we shall outline below.


  • Because the ugly piping and bends are hidden from view, they look better than those without skirting.
  • Smoother surface with less cracks ensure it doesn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria. This means wiping it down and washing the bowl every so often becomes easier.


  • Whilst aesthetics may rank highly on your list, you may also require something cheap. And sadly, despite their beautiful design, they are quite a bit more expensive on average due to the added ceramic material involved in its construction.

Right height toilet bowl

Like most features, there are advantages and disadvantages to them. This certainly applies to right height bowls AKA universal height. These are brilliant for people needing improved accessibility within their bathroom. However, they are not recommended from the point of view of having naturally positioned bowel movements. And there is science and studies that prove this. But if you’re looking for something that meets ADA standards, this is the label you need to be looking for.

Flushing power

We have numerous methods to learning about the flush performance. From the valve size through to the gallons per flush and mechanism, there are ways to understand how effective a toilets flush is.

Our personal favorite method though is to utilize MaP ratings to our advantage. They provide consumers and manufacturers a scale of zero to one thousand to demonstrate which have strong performance, and which are lacking.


TOTO toilets are highly recommended. As long as you do your due diligence beforehand, and look at what other brands like Kohler are offering, you stand to find yourself a excellent product.