Kohler toilets are definitely rated highly by consumers and plumbing experts alike. The reason behind this comes down to there powerful flushing systems, and comfortable bowl designs that don’t put stress on the body. They also have some beautiful product collections that usually look great in any modern bathroom. Such examples of this include Memoirs, Cimarron, and Tresham.

As you may of heard, we write up detailed toilet buying guides for beginners on our site. Today, we’re going to be looking at what the Kohler toilet brand can offer you a hand picked product review.

Kohler Archer Review

Despite not concealing the trapway, the Archer looks fantastic. It has a very clean, contemporary, one piece design that could look great in any household. It’s available in a variety of colors, including white, biscuit, almond, dune, sandbar and several others. This variety ensures there is an option for any theme.

It has beveled edges and an elongated shape bowl, plus a smooth surface that ensures cleaning isn’t difficult. The trip lever is chrome plated and located on the left, and the seat is soft closing, which is really another name for quiet close. It has anti slam hinges.

The trapway is 2-1/8-inch and it’s fully glazed with a anti microbial surface that fights germs and odors. It also ensures the bowl is slicker, stopping waste from adhering.

The flush mechanism in place uses a gravity based, AquaPiston technology which allows 360 thorough rinsing. It also uses just 1.28 gallons per flush, making it an environmentally friendly option and one that can be labelled as WaterSense. It does more with up to twenty percent less water.

It fits the most common rough in size, which is twelve inches. If you’re not sure what your is, get a measurement of the distance between the wall and your current toilets hold down bolts. This will give you a rough idea.

However, if you don’t have a supply line already, you will need to buy one separately as it isn’t included.


So there you have it. The Archer is our Kohler toilet pick. What do you think? We believe it has potential to be a fantastic upgrade for any home owner. The eco flush, the looks, the comfort, and the performance. It’s all there. However, be prepared to look at what competitors like TOTO are offering too.